During this time, in addition to the daily worries we had about children, work, breastfeeding, insomnia, there was also isolation and anxiety caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

No wonder many of us woke up to take a walk to the fridge or to the candy closet in search of little comfort.

Although we agree that a little sweet doesn't hurt anyone at this time, many of us are afraid of the extra pounds that may come from here.

What can we do to keep our minds clear and not get out of the pandemic with 3 extra numbers on our clothes?

1. Let's take care of what we eat at the main meals. The appetite for dessert begins at breakfast. So our recommendation is to always have a serious source of protein at every meal (even breakfast). Whether it's 2 eggs, a Greek yogurt, a box of cheese pearls, a smoked salmon or a piece of meat. It is equally important to have a source of fat and fiber. And of course as little processed food as possible. This will stabilize our blood sugar and reduce our cravings.

2. Let's plan snacks, even those that contain only chocolate or just something sweet. Let's know from the beginning of the day that today we will eat two squares of chocolate or 10, 15 (as we think would satisfy us) at 12 and 15 (it's just an example). When we plan them in advance, our brain stops looking for them and we can eat them relaxed, conscious and even bring joy instead of the anxiety that usually accompanies a tablet eaten out of breath. And eating consciously means eating slowly. If we still chose something good to eat, at least let's enjoy it and enjoy it, right?

3. Let's replace sweet snacks with a different kind of relaxation from time to time. In fact, we eat sweets to relieve stress. It is the most convenient for us and it is also a way to learn from previous experiences to release some dopamine and make us feel better. So, recognizing the role of sweets in stress management, it is clear that if we want to eat less, we need to put something else in place. 15 minutes of stretching, a hot bath, a virtual coffee (via video call even) drunk with a friend or 15 minutes of leaving the children on TV and enjoying a quiet tea. Everything brings us a drop of relaxation. That's what we're really looking for.

4. Let's be careful how we talk to each other. Even if none of the above options are ok for you now and you end up eating more sweets than you intended, it's ok. This is a difficult time for everyone. Tell yourself what you would say to your best friend if you see that she is in the same situation. We would tell him: “it's ok, you can try tomorrow but a promise made must be kept.

Let's take care of ourselves during this time ❤️ .

edited by: Nutrition consultant Ana Szabadszalasi

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